David Lerner, acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine
  • breastcancerfund.org - Non profit organization that examines the link between breast cancer and environmental toxin exposure.
  • silentspring.org - Scientific database reviewing environmental exposure and breast cancer.
  • watoxics.org - Wa. non profit.  Aims to protect public health through eliminating toxic pollution.
  • panna.org - Pesticide action network. Very helpful resource library.
  • ewg.org - Environmental Working Group.
  • safecosmetics.org - Investigate the safety of ingredients in your cosmetics.
  • BPA exposure in canned food - If you're questioning whether this is a viable health concern, read this report from the Breast Cancer Fund.


"David is amazing. I've been seeing him for the past four years for gynecological issues. He is highly trained in needlework as well as nutrition and hormone balancing therapies, and has collaborated with a team of medical doctors and other professionals on my case. I have always felt that David has been 100% invested in my well-being. I am very appreciative of his healing presence in my life". kv

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