David Lerner, acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine
  • bionovo.com - Company developing anti cancer medication from Chinese herbs.  Founded by Isaac Cohen, one of my first oncology teachers.
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  • psmerg.org - Pine Street Foundation.  Research and information from one of the most well respected Chinese medical clinics in the country.
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  • Breastcancerchoices.org - nonprofit organization helping patients make informed choices about breast screening, diagnostic procedures and treatment.  Great information on the link between iodine deficiency and breast cancer.


"I have been a patient of David Lerner for about five years, and I give him a 100% approval rating. Most important are that he knows his stuff and he listens well. He has treated me for physical injuries and pain (neck, low back, pelvis, knee & ankle) as well as for such psychological challenges as loss, grief, depression and anxiety. (Not everything all the same time, but sometimes life knocks you around a bit!) He's excellent. David applies his knowledge of both acupuncture and nutrition, and works well with allopathic practitioners, too. I have recommended David to more than five or six friends who have all enjoyed and benefited from his treatment. In Seattle David has developed quite a following among women living through cancer treatment and recovery. Everyone likes him. He is consistently respectful, funny when appropriate, and always working to improve my overall health and wellbeing." dc

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