David Lerner, acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine
  • bionovo.com - Company developing anti cancer medication from Chinese herbs.  Founded by Isaac Cohen, one of my first oncology teachers.
  • cancersupportivecare.com - TCM and the treatment of breast cancer. 
  • psmerg.org - Pine Street Foundation.  Research and information from one of the most well respected Chinese medical clinics in the country.
  • cancerdecisions.com - Conventional and alternative cancer treatment options, from Ralph Moss.
  • itmonline.org - Countering the side effects of conventional cancer therapy with Chinese herbs.
  • itmonline.org - Antioxidants, herbs, vitamins - concerns during cancer treatment?
  • itmonline.org - Benefits of Chinese medicine in combination with conventional cancer treatment.
  • itmonline.org - Oriental perspectives on cancer and its treatment.
  • Breastcancerchoices.org - nonprofit organization helping patients make informed choices about breast screening, diagnostic procedures and treatment.  Great information on the link between iodine deficiency and breast cancer.


"I was referred to David by my oncologist. Initially I wanted support through chemo and in recovering from its effects, but now I am enjoying nutritional and herbal support to keep me strong in the fight to prevent a recurrence. David studies with Donnie Yance, who is a world renowned herbalist and nutritionist with a great track record in helping cancer patients, as well as a network of integrative medical doctors and other practitioners. David has taken a particular interest in breast cancer, amongst other things, and I have appreciated his inquisitive mind, problem-solving approach and attention to tracking patterns he sees amongst his patients. To me this shows his ability to listen and his interest in the disease itself, which makes me feel like he's dedicated to solving rather than just relieving a symptom. I've appreciated how he utilized all of his resources to offer me very personalized care. I've referred him to friends who are dealing with different kinds of cancer and they are pleased also. One has never even met him but instead consults with him over the phone because she lives out of the area. I've also really appreciated that David understands the costs associated with my treatment plan and he's worked with me to find alternatives while not compromising quality. I trust his recommendations." bz

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