David Lerner, acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine


  • Acupuncture research (word document) - Abstracts of clinical trials showing effectiveness of acupuncture in treating osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps, low back and neck pain, substance abuse, headache/migraines, allergies, fertility support.


"Not only is David an excellent practitioner, he is a wonderful human being. Having had a chronic illness for 18 years, I have visited many different doctors and naturopaths looking for answers to my health concerns. I have ended up walking away from many practitioners, some who have even "blamed" me for my illness because they didn't know how to help. David is the complete opposite of that. He has a broad knowledge base, one that I haven't seen in another practitioner before; when he doesn't have an answer, he resolves to find one. He is an intelligent and compassionate person who I highly recommend." ck

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