David Lerner, acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herb pharmacy of David Lerner, L.Ac., Seattle, WA and Olympia, WA

As part of traditional Chinese medical theory, herbal medicine, in combination with acupuncture and dietary counseling, forms the primary treatment for internal medical disorders.

A consultation begins with an in-depth review of your health history-past and present. Questions will be asked about your main complaint(s) and about the functioning of the various organ systems of your body. Additional information is gathered from examining your tongue, pulse, abdomen and facial color. This information is used to form a Chinese medical diagnosis which identifies the imbalance that is causing ill health.

A customized herbal formulation (3-25 herbs) will be prescribed to help strengthen, detoxify and balance your system, and to promote your body's ability to heal and recuperate. Herbs will be prescribed as concentrated granules, raw form, or as pills. The granules (most commonly prescribed form) are extremely safe. Imported from Taiwan, they are pharmaceutical grade and meet very stringent safety requirements.

The herb formula will not only address your current symptoms, but also your "constitutional" imbalances which are often at the root of the disorder. Your formula can be reevaluated at regular intervals and fine-tuned as necessary. Diet and lifestyle habits will also be considered, and suggestions will be offered.


For over a year, I’ve considered myself extremely fortunate to have experienced compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated care from David. I’ve lived off and on with breast and melanoma cancers for over twenty years and in all those years I’ve never received the kind of enthusiastic and committed medical attention that David delivers. We are in constant communication regarding labs, supplements, and his consultation team’s feedback. Continually, David has coordinated treatment with my M.D, N.D., and other doctors - including my oncologist – a rare & wonderful experience. David offers his views and opinions but always considers my abilities, needs, and perspectives as primary. He has researched multiple treatment options with me, investigated a myriad of symptoms related to cancer and it’s treatment, and helped direct me to a tumor molecular profile test which helped customize my chemotherapy based on the specific characteristics of my tumor (CARIS test- I highly recommend it for those living with cancer). He has utilized information from many unique labs as well as guidance from his mentors and my primary care physician to further direct my treatment. Working with David has given me the kind of caring, integrated medicine experience that one only dreams of. I could go on. Don’t hesitate to see David for acupuncture or for his other diverse skills and treatment options – he is a very generous practitioner and will take excellent care of you.



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