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Interviews/Webinars with David

General Treatment Philosophies

General treatment philosophies, accessibility to patients
Core nutritional beliefs with acupuncturist Michael Max
Importance of blood sugar maintenance in promoting optimal body weight

Integrative Cardiovascular Health

Advanced lipid testing at Heart of Wellness

Supportive Integrative Oncology

Strategies to minimize cancer risk/recurrence presentation at HCIM
How we can support patients with cancer
What to expect at an initial functional medicine visit
Copper chelation to help minimize recurrence risk
Managing copper chelation therapy
Chemo sensitivity/resistance testing

Diet and Nutrition

How the Fasting Mimicking Diet can support your health, with James Kelley, MD and David Lerner, L.Ac.
The Wahls Protocol: A radical new way to treat all chronic autoimmune conditions.

Immune Support

What Can I Do to Optimize My Health During the Covid-19 Outbreak?