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David Lerner, L.Ac. inserting an acupuncture needle - Seattle and Olympia Acupuncture

The West has recently recognized that human beings are complex bio-electrical systems. This understanding has been the foundation of acupuncture for thousands of years. According to Chinese medical philosophy, energy circulates throughout the body along certain pathways. Specific points on these pathways allow access to various body structures and systems. Pain and illness are caused by an imbalance or blockage of this energy. Stimulating the acupuncture point enhances the circulation of energy, improving the health of the entire person. Acupuncture also releases tension in the muscles and connective tissue, making it particularly effective for pain management and the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Acupuncture is usually painless, especially when using very gentle Japanese techniques. Tiny needles the width of a thick hair are inserted at specific points on the body. State and federal agencies have established strict procedures for acupuncture treatment; the needles used are sterile and are disposed of after each use.

Acupuncture has been shown to release endorphins and many people experience a deep sense of relaxation during and after the treatment. Treatments last 30-60 minutes and are usually prescribed weekly or biweekly. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can expect to notice improvement in your health within 6 to 10 treatments.

For a list of acupuncture techniques used, please click here.

Acupuncture Techniques

David Lerner, L.Ac. Board Certified Acupuncturist and herbalist in Seattle WA and Olympia, WA
  • Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture
  • Trigger Point Therapy/Myofascial release
  • Neuropuncture
  • Auricular Therapy (ear acupuncture)
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Dermal Friction/Cupping
  • Heat therapy
  • Kinesiology taping


Acupuncture, Holistic Healing, Seattle, WA and Olympia, WA

The cost of service varies depending on the complexity of each treatment. 

David is a preferred provider for many insurance companies including: Uniform, Regence, Premera, Lifewise, and Aetna.

Functional Nutritional Counseling

David Lerner, L.Ac., Nutritional Counselor Seattle, WA and Olympia, WA

David offers nutritional recommendations from a functional medicine perspective, with a focus on understanding what is causing your body to function suboptimally.   He'll consider how to improve gut health, immune function, detoxification pathways, hormones, mitochondrial efficiency, and structures of the cells and body.  He'll then suggest dietary and lifestyle choices to best promote optimal health.  

David has been a passionate student of various whole food nutrition philosophies for over 25 years.  He has been particularly influenced by the teachings of Donnie Yance, CN, MH, RH (AHG)Dwight McKee, MD, Dale Bredeson, MD, Paul Anderson, NDDatis Kharrazian, DC, D.H.Sc., MS, Terry Wahls, MDChris Kresser, L.Ac. and Loren Cordain, PhD. In addition to dietary suggestions, he will often suggest nutritional supplements and herbs in an effort to create the optimal customized dietary plan for each patient.  David has been increasingly impressed with the benefits of therapeutic fasting, combined with The Wahls Protocol, for patients with various challenges including obesity, diabetes/metabolic syndrome, cognitive impairment, lipid imbalances, and as a supportive tool during and post cancer treatment.

Specialty lab tests that are commonly recommended at our clinic:             

  • Organic acid testing, US biotek - 36 organic acids are analyzed to create a unique patient biochemistry profile that reflects how well the body is obtaining and utilizing nutrients. A customized diet and lifestyle plan can then be established to address specific nutritional needs.
  • GI map, Diagnostic Solutions - Premier stool biomarker testing that gives insight into digestive function, inflammation/immune function, bacterial/fungal/parasitic infections, gut microbiome and intestinal permeability
  • DUTCH hormone profile, Precision Analytics - Very Comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal (HPA axis) hormones as well as their associated metabolites
  • Mercury Tri-test and Blood Metals Panel, Quicksilver Scientific - used to assess for heavy metal toxicity
  • Mymycoloab.com - mycotoxin antibody testing

David currently offers functional medicine consultations via telemedicine or in office.


Herbal Medicine

Chinese herb pharmacy of David Lerner, L.Ac., Seattle, WA and Olympia, WA

As part of traditional Chinese medical theory, herbal medicine, in combination with acupuncture and dietary counseling, forms the primary treatment for internal medical disorders.

A consultation begins with an in-depth review of your health history-past and present. Questions will be asked about your main complaint(s) and about the functioning of the various organ systems of your body. Additional information is gathered from examining your tongue, pulse, abdomen and facial color. This information is used to form a Chinese medical diagnosis which identifies the imbalance that is causing ill health.

A customized herbal formulation (3-25 herbs) will be prescribed to help strengthen, detoxify and balance your system, and to promote your body's ability to heal and recuperate. Herbs will be prescribed as concentrated granules, raw form, or as pills. The granules (most commonly prescribed form) are extremely safe. Imported from Taiwan, they are pharmaceutical grade and meet very stringent safety requirements.

The herb formula will not only address your current symptoms, but also your "constitutional" imbalances which are often at the root of the disorder. Your formula can be reevaluated at regular intervals and fine-tuned as necessary. Diet and lifestyle habits will also be considered, and suggestions will be offered.