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"As a traditionally trained board certified Internist, my 30 year career was focused on Natural Medicine. David has unique skills , insight and judgement that helped myself and others I have referred to David, through significant health challenges. David also knows his limitations and boundaries and when to refer , which is refreshing in todays climate. I HIGHLY recommend David" lb


"David was instrumental in my care for several years while he was at the Hirsch Center. I only moved on because of changes to my insurance. David was also closely involved in the care of a close friend of mine for the last few years of her life. He was the best practitioner I think either of us could have asked for. I believe I can speak for my friend in that. David was extremely responsive, accessible to answer questions, and provided a wealth of useful information. He was also respectful of our concerns, frustrations and financial contexts. He went out of his way to make good referrals. He was emotionally present and genuine in a way I have found to be unusual among medical practitioners, alternative or allopathic. I'm writing now because I have not forgotten or taken for granted how grateful I am to David. I would nominate him for a prize for above and beyond dedication and compassion." ob


"Not only is David an excellent practitioner, he is a wonderful human being. Having had a chronic illness for 18 years, I have visited many different doctors and naturopaths looking for answers to my health concerns. I have ended up walking away from many practitioners, some who have even "blamed" me for my illness because they didn't know how to help. David is the complete opposite of that. He has a broad knowledge base, one that I haven't seen in another practitioner before; when he doesn't have an answer, he resolves to find one. He is an intelligent and compassionate person who I highly recommend." ck


"I have been a patient of David's for eleven years. I met David at an extremely emotional time of my life, being recently diagnosed with stage 2 invasive breast cancer at 38 years old. To say David was my savior during this time period would be an understatment. He was there for me every step of the way. From designing an adjunct therapy of personalized immune enhancing and cancer-reducing herbs to work in conjunction with the traditional Western protocol of radiation and chemotherapy, to acupuncture for my whole-body energy stimulation, and even more importantly, the spiritual and emotional support that he gave me at the time, David has been there for me. They say that something good comes from going through something painful, and I know that for me the good thing that came out of my experience was meeting wonderful caring people like David." lv


"You have the best communication style of any doctor I know. I think the success of any practice is in the way doctors communicate with their patients, the gentle hands and heart that shows their care and interest in them as a distinct person. That builds a meaningful relationship where patients feel they matter and allows them to open up and share their lives. Good health is a matter of lifestyle. You provide that avenue in your many good communications, gentle manner and encouragement for mind, body and soul. thanks so much." eq


"I was referred to David by my oncologist. Initially I wanted support through chemo and in recovering from its effects, but now I am enjoying nutritional and herbal support to keep me strong in the fight to prevent a recurrence. David studies with Donnie Yance, who is a world renowned herbalist and nutritionist with a great track record in helping cancer patients, as well as a network of integrative medical doctors and other practitioners. David has taken a particular interest in breast cancer, amongst other things, and I have appreciated his inquisitive mind, problem-solving approach and attention to tracking patterns he sees amongst his patients. To me this shows his ability to listen and his interest in the disease itself, which makes me feel like he's dedicated to solving rather than just relieving a symptom. I've appreciated how he utilized all of his resources to offer me very personalized care. I've referred him to friends who are dealing with different kinds of cancer and they are pleased also. One has never even met him but instead consults with him over the phone because she lives out of the area. I've also really appreciated that David understands the costs associated with my treatment plan and he's worked with me to find alternatives while not compromising quality. I trust his recommendations." bz


"I've been seeing David for the last two years to manage my Crohn's disease. He has helped me understand this disease better than any Western doctor ever has. He is extremely thorough in examining my symptoms. We developed a supplement regiment as well as a new diet that has completely changed my experience with Crohn's disease." mh


"I have seen David Learner for 5 months now for Acupuncture. I have also seen him for functional medicine a few times and intend to continue. It's been the best health care decision I've ever experienced. My needs and wants are thoroughly listened to, my health has felt like the first and only priority, and my health has benefited 10 fold. David has gone out of his way to communicate with me directly about my needs. He has emailed with me, sent me articles for further research and reading and hasn't even pressured me to buy into his idea of health. He has made suggestions based on his knowledge and I've trusted it and it's done nothing but benefit me. This is the first and only time a health care practitioner has truly looked out for me and gone above and beyond to get me the help I needed. No red-tape, no waiting for unnecessary timelines. He simply heard my need and directly addressed them." lc


"I have been a patient of David's for 10 years. David is highly trained and his amazing human warmth has given me a peaceful mind and healthy body. I had gastric cancer and had my stomach and spleen removed. During the surgery I needed a blood transfusion, which infected me with the Hepatitis C virus. Years later, my digestive system still had problems due to the removal of my stomach. David was able to help improve my digestive system with his herbal formulas. He has also been helping me with my Hep C and my recent liver biopsy determined that my condition hasn't progressed in the last 10 years and I'm in good health. He shares with me the latest developments in treatment and maximizes my potential for living well." mm


"David's knowledge, treatment and skills are exceptional! I was able to get through chemotherapy with side effects that were seemingly minimal (as I learn the stories of other survivors). I worked through 2 sessions of chemo (20 weeks). I never even had a cold or additional illness. David answered all of my questions and offered questions for me to ask my doctors, so I was well informed. My acupuncture treatments combined with nutritional information and support, and Natura supplements were very effective. I was able to continue work, rest and sleep through the night and heal quickly. By the 8th week of chemo, no tumor could be felt. I proceeded another 12 weeks with Taxol & Herceptin, had some heart damage (improved at the end of the Taxol) but David has continued to help me restore and maintain a healthy heart. I had a bilateral mastectomy at the end of December, 2010 and the results were that there was no sign of residual tumor and no sign of cancer in the 13 lymph nodes that were removed. I continue to improve my health and well being. I attribute so much of my healing and health to the treatment I receive from David Lerner." ag


"I was experiencing acute pain and numbness in my arm due to a badly herniated disc in my cervical spine. I was skeptical of acupuncture but willing to try anything and a friend recommended that I see David. My goal was to avoid surgery and I was desperate to try anything that would reduce my pain and help me function. David was beyond understanding, a great listener, and instantly put me at ease. He treated me with acupuncture as well as electrical nerve stimulation and I am convinced that it was this treatment that prevented me from having more severe nerve and muscle damage. He also helped me find a fabulous physiatrist (M.D.) who was so impressed by my progress that he wrote down David's contact information to recommend him to other patients. David is not only an excellent practitioner; he is a wonderful human being. I am so grateful to have worked with him and will see him again for anything else that may present itself in the future." db


"David has suggested foods, supplements and herbs for me to take during various phases of my breast cancer treatment. Not only is he highly knowledgeable about what supports the body during chemotherapy and radiation, he has several times gone to much time and trouble to research and forward relevant articles and research studies to answer my questions. His advice has been a welcome complement to the advice I receive from my medical oncologist. I highly recommend his nutritional counseling." hm


"I have been a patient of David's since 2006 when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. David helped me with side effects from the chemo back then and now helps keep me healthy with his knowledge of Chinese medicine and nutritional expertise. David has also helped me with acupuncture for sciatica, which I suffered from for years. After a few months of treatment in 2008, I was 90% better and have remained pain free. I am a highly active person and am greatful for his help.As a former cancer patient, I trust I am getting the best care from David and appreciate all of his knowledge." nm


"I met David 8 years ago when he relieved my wife's symptoms from chemo through acupuncture. He has since help me maintain an active physical life, making it possible to jog again at 65 years old. He has addressed old injuries, pain,nutrition and sleep. He continues to educate himself and is totally committed to his patient's health and well being, regardless of age or condition. He plays an integral role in mine and my family's health care. He has improved our quality of life." rm


"My husband & I went to David when we lived in Seattle & continue to keep in touch because of his professionalism & high level of expertise at what he does. We try to seek people in their professions who love what they do and we definitely saw that in David. Over the past several years we have worked with him to improve our overall health with some acupunture, medicinal herbs and our semi-annual detox program which we receive from David. In the past year & a half, both my hubby & I have lost 35lbs. each & have managed to keep it off. Our bloodwork has definitely showed improvements over the last several years due to his expertise. David also advised us on some great nutritional books/philosophies which have also helped us change our eating lifestyle. We wish we still lived in Seattle so we could still see David, but he is someone who I would never hesitate to refer, especially to my close family & friends. I hope he posts this on his website as well, cause we mean it from the heart." szv


"Over the past 4 years, I've seen 5 dermatologists and 2 immunologists for an auto-immune problem. There hasn't been a good solution, so I've seen David Lerner twice, and my symptoms have reduced tremendously. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal, and with all natural remedies. I recommend David to anybody with medical problems ; especially if they're not getting results with typical Western medical treatments." ja


"I walked out from my treatment thinking that I might have just experienced a miracle! I've been recovering from a traumatic back fracture and have been in pain for the past seven months. I've only seen David twice but feel like I am well on my way to being pain free. I have great hope." ig


"I have been a patient of David Lerner for about five years, and I give him a 100% approval rating. Most important are that he knows his stuff and he listens well. He has treated me for physical injuries and pain (neck, low back, pelvis, knee & ankle) as well as for such psychological challenges as loss, grief, depression and anxiety. (Not everything all the same time, but sometimes life knocks you around a bit!) He's excellent. David applies his knowledge of both acupuncture and nutrition, and works well with allopathic practitioners, too. I have recommended David to more than five or six friends who have all enjoyed and benefited from his treatment. In Seattle David has developed quite a following among women living through cancer treatment and recovery. Everyone likes him. He is consistently respectful, funny when appropriate, and always working to improve my overall health and wellbeing." dc


For over a year, I’ve considered myself extremely fortunate to have experienced compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated care from David. I’ve lived off and on with breast and melanoma cancers for over twenty years and in all those years I’ve never received the kind of enthusiastic and committed medical attention that David delivers. We are in constant communication regarding labs, supplements, and his consultation team’s feedback. Continually, David has coordinated treatment with my M.D, N.D., and other doctors - including my oncologist – a rare & wonderful experience. David offers his views and opinions but always considers my abilities, needs, and perspectives as primary. He has researched multiple treatment options with me, investigated a myriad of symptoms related to cancer and it’s treatment, and helped direct me to a tumor molecular profile test which helped customize my chemotherapy based on the specific characteristics of my tumor (CARIS test- I highly recommend it for those living with cancer). He has utilized information from many unique labs as well as guidance from his mentors and my primary care physician to further direct my treatment. Working with David has given me the kind of caring, integrated medicine experience that one only dreams of. I could go on. Don’t hesitate to see David for acupuncture or for his other diverse skills and treatment options – he is a very generous practitioner and will take excellent care of you.




"Just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate David Lerner. I really like David; he has a warm, kind presence. I'm so glad that he is practicing Functional Medicine (in conjunction with the doctors) as well as TCM. It is all helpful. He has helped me with Crohn's disease, menopause symptoms, thyroid and cholesterol among other things. I feel better physically and mentally than I ever have since my Crohn's diagnosis 20 years ago. I am in Seattle and am thankful that he is willing to meet by Skype or phone and then once a year at Heart of Wellness. It's so nice to be able to email him directly rather than having to get a message to him through the front desk, and I appreciate his quick responses, which make a huge difference when there is a concern. Feeling very fortunate today!" kz


"I was suffering from a liver inflammation this past autumn. Through a combination of herbs and macrobiotics, David immediately tackled underlying liver weaknesses. David was welcoming, helpful with his explanations, and very knowledgeable about combining the "Western" and "complementary" approaches." ga


"David is amazing. I've been seeing him for the past four years for gynecological issues. He is highly trained in needlework as well as nutrition and hormone balancing therapies, and has collaborated with a team of medical doctors and other professionals on my case. I have always felt that David has been 100% invested in my well-being. I am very appreciative of his healing presence in my life". kv


"David was awesome! Was able to resolve my plantar faciitis that I had for almost 10 months in less than a month. Also assisted in sending in a great direction/ referral for my son on another matter. Great approach and love this office of great providers!!" sl


"David has a very intuitive approach to acupuncture, I was apprehensive at first, but he put me at ease. I have wonderful results for a chronic sciatica problem. I was on statins for cholesterol and was having uncomfortable leg pain. I could not lose weight no matter what I did. He has helped direct me to healthier habits. I have lost 20 lbs and I no longer take statins. My cholesterol is finally at a healthy level. I highly recommend David for nutrition and acupuncture." rc


"Only because David Lerner had the foresight to encourage further analysis did I find the actual answer to my apparent high cholesterol was not to be treated with traditional 'blanket' drugs. He really listens and has amazing follow-through to issues that have included asthma, pregnancy, adrenal fatigue, pulled muscles, joint pain, and general well-being support." bo


"David is intuitive and well-prepared in the area of acupuncture. He is responsible for eliminating my chronic back pain after only one treatment, providing me with the tools to address my weight, and improving my overall health. I can't recommend him highly enough." hh


"I've been seeing David for about 10 years in his Seattle practice. You folks in Olympia are lucky to have him. Here's a few reasons: 1) David and his colleagues are some of the most progressive and well educated healers and scientists around. My personal physician collaborates with David. 2) His practice offers some of the highest quality herbs and supplements available at prices that often beat even Bastyrs dispensary in Seattle. 3) I started seeing David for liver disease related to Hep C. Within 18 months all my abnormal labs became normal. Many of my symptoms eased or disappeared. 4) David's acupuncture treatments were the first I had that worked for a bone spur in my heel, shin splints, and other issues. His needle technique is the best I've experienced." lr


"I cannot say more about David's work. This man did wonders to help me get through some nasty carpel tunnel several years ago. From the moment I called him for an appointment I was welcomed and confident of his work. The process was surprisingly comfortable and then I moved into instant relaxation. I continue to refer friends to him." rk


"I highly recommend David! His wealth of knowledge and the collaborative team he works with provided me invaluable information and supportive therapies with functional nutrition and botanicals through my breast cancer treatment. He made available to me the most current and progressive research world wide that my oncologists did not. I went through chemo therapy and surgery with little side affects and I'm feeling great, better than prior to my diagnosis, thanks to David. His compassionate and wise support made the often confusing and painful journey of cancer clearer, and bearable. He gives 110% of himself to his patients." rs


I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your treatments and supplements I received 8 years ago. At the time I was being treated for stage 3 her2+ ductal carcinoma with chemotherapy. I have some residue effects from the chemotherapy but given your knowledge and expertise I chose to opt out of radiation and have never regretted my choice. I am cancer free, well and happy today! I feel I would not have survived without your expertise and support. I am forever grateful.