David Lerner, acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine


"David was instrumental in my care for several years while he was at the Hirsch Center. I only moved on because of changes to my insurance. David was also closely involved in the care of a close friend of mine for the last few years of her life. He was the best practitioner I think either of us could have asked for. I believe I can speak for my friend in that. David was extremely responsive, accessible to answer questions, and provided a wealth of useful information. He was also respectful of our concerns, frustrations and financial contexts. He went out of his way to make good referrals. He was emotionally present and genuine in a way I have found to be unusual among medical practitioners, alternative or allopathic. I'm writing now because I have not forgotten or taken for granted how grateful I am to David. I would nominate him for a prize for above and beyond dedication and compassion." ob